Universal Society of Hinduism

Universal Society of Hinduism

Universal Society of Hinduism (USofH) has been formed to provide worldwide Hindu identity, enhance understanding of Hinduism, and to foster interreligious dialogue.

With Rajan Zed as President, this nondenominational religious-philosophical-cultural-educational organization aims at reaching about one billion Hindus spread around the world. Dharam Loonaa is the Executive Director of this Society, which will promote the ethics, spirit, culture, and philosophy of Hindu heritage.

Various goals of this organization include advancing awareness of Hinduism history and principles; spiritual renewal; educational outreach and friendly relations with non-Hindu communities; furtherance of traditional/historical Hindu architecture, art, music, and sculpture as revealed in Sastras; promoting moral dimension in daily life, greater understanding of values, study and research of Hindu philosophy, unity among different Hindu groups/organizations, spiritual wisdom and practice, ethical values, practice of prayer, preservation of Hindu cultures of the world, service, devotion and fellowship, universal brotherhood, etc.

USH will also look after the social and religious concerns of Hindus, attempt to clear misconceptions about Hinduism, build a moral and spiritual foundation, foster individual spiritual growth, encourage scholarly interpretation of Hinduism, provide opportunities for spiritual enrichment, inspire youth to discover and develop their personal best.

Pluralism & Spirituality

In order to help promote respectful coexistence and integration in pluralistic societies, this Society will enable multilateral dialogues and will urge the Hindus to make a positive difference in their communities and in the wider world. It will explore traditional and newer dimensions of Hindu spirituality, thus deepening the spiritual dimensions of Hindus worldwide.

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