Indo-American Leadership Confederation

Indo-American Leadership Confederation

“Indo-American Leadership Confederation” (IALC) has been formed to empower Americans of India descent and work for flourishing, proud, and united community.


With Rajan Zed as Chairperson, this nonpartisan and nondenominational cultural-political-educational-social-communication-networking-advocacy-monitoring organization aims at reaching Indo-American communities spread across United States of America.

Goals & Objectives:

This Confederation is committed to strengthening the community and work for their social, personal and economic development. Its various goals/objectives/operations include representing Indo-American interests in USA and India and advancing their economic and social welfare, monitoring and advocacy for issues of interest, promotion of appreciation/understanding of heritage/culture/languages of Indo-Americans, strengthening communication, provide a forum for dialogue/communication among Indo-Americans and other Americans, work to resolve issues unique to Indo-Americans and advance their interests, improve social interaction, educate legislature and media about Indo-American concerns, operating nonpartisan political action projects, uniting the community, acting as a resource, outreach and friendly relations with other American communities, greater understanding of values, attempt to clear misconceptions, service, etc.


Theme of IALC is Indo-Americans and others working to educate, empower, and organize the Americans of India descent. It aims to work for fostering in Americans of India roots a consciousness and pride in their heritage; shall endeavor to inspire Indo-American youth to discover and develop their personal best; and shall urge the Indo-Americans to make a positive difference in their communities and in the wider world.

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