Astrology & Hinduism

Astrology & Hinduism

by Rajan Zed

Astrology, which includes astronomy, has performed an important role in Hinduism since ancient times.

The oldest existing scripture Rig-Veda has references to eclipses. Jyotisha-vedanga contains shlokas about astrology. Legendary sage Bhrigu is said to have perfected astrology and put together astrological charts laying out the horoscopes of everybody born or yet to be born in the universe. Gargi-samhita (230 AD), an astronomical work, contains a chapter from 50 BCE titled Yuga-purana. Mathematician/astronomer Varahamihira (505-587 AD) is known to have written on horoscopes. Yavana-jataka is another astrological study. Bhattopala authored the astrological work Hora-Shastra in 15th century and Nilakantha brought Tajika in 16th century.

The University Grants Commission, a statuary body of India Government, has been quoted as saying, “…there is an urgent need to rejuvenate the science of Vedic Astrology in India…” About four dozen universities and institutions in and outside India, including Banaras Hindu University, M.S. University of Baroda, and University of London, offer astrology courses. Many annual astrological almanacs are published in India.


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