God’s Agents

Seeing Ourselves as God’s Exclusive Agents

by Rajan Zed

Religion is a very mighty force, so we should not take it lightly. Sacred texts can be misapplied through handpicked reading, deciphering and interpretation.

It is hazardous:

  • When we start seeing ourselves as God’s exclusive agents.
  • When political profile is based on a decree from heaven that relies on us human beings to execute.
  • When religious beliefs become bolted into ultimate truths.
  • When we appoint ourselves as the warden of the ultimate truth.
  • When we start expanding the beliefs, convictions and doctrine of our religion to the social and political arena.


Link to this article published in ‘onfaith.co ‘ – https://www.onfaith.co/onfaith/2008/01/28/seeing-ourselves-as-gods-exclu/5170