Sin & the Sinner

Hinduism Advises to Stay Away from Sinner

by Rajan Zed

Hinduism, shunning of sinner is advised as sin is thought to be transmittable by physical contact, by thought, and by speech. Association with big sinners (mahapatakasamsarga) is a capital sin (mahapataka), which is difficult to atone for.

Sin is exonerated by purification, knowledge, penance (prayascittas), etc. Evils and sins are collectively known as dosha.

Hinduism instructs to avoid the following: avarice (lobha), jealousy (irsha), envy (matsarya), malice (dvish), fury (krodha), scurrility (durvachana), lust (kamarago), back-biting (parivada), anger (manyu), egoism (asmita), impatience (amarsha), arrogance (mana), sensuality (avirati), gluttony (atyahara), hostility (droha), self-centeredness (mamata), etc.


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