Truth, Science & Religion

Physical Truth and Spiritual Truth Inseparable

by Rajan Zed

Physical truth and spiritual truth are inseparable. Religion and science are connected.

In Hinduism, science and religion go hand in hand. The relationship between Hinduism and science goes back to the Indus Valley civilization, as old as 2500 BCE. Vedic science appears to have included components of astronomy, biology, mathematics, chemistry, medicine, metallurgy, etc. The notion of atomic/molecular world was integrated into Vaiseshika school (between around 250 BCE to 100 CE) of Hindu philosophy. Yoga included some remarkable methods of breath/respiration control. Ancient sages were said to be acquainted with radar, microbiology, radioactivity, television, etc. Epic heroes of Hinduism flew first aircrafts. In Hinduism, there is theory of Seven Worlds, Doctrine of the Ages of the World, religious categories of Space in Veda, reference to quantum mechanics in scriptures, as well as mysteries of Vedic/Puranic aeronautics and Tantrik biochemistry, etc.

Because of ingrained respect for all forms of life and universe being a divine creation, Hinduism supports environmental protection. Nature is sacred and the divine is manifested through all its forms.


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